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May 14, 2008



I have more acrylic yarn from the 70s (can't get more retro than that...) than you can believe. I'm slowly, slowly, slowly knitting it all up into premature baby blankets for Stitches from the Heart. And I'd love a copy of this book!


I knit way too many early projects with that Red Heart variegated yarn. You know the one, with the primary colors. I still have a knitting mag from the '80s and my favorite pattern in it never got knit because I didn't know how to figure out to knit non-puffy sleeves. :/ And, now, that pattern will not be knit because I have moved into the 21st century. Lock, stock and barrel. Wait, I mean, cell phone, iPod, and HD player. :)


At age 4 I crochet a hat for my teddy bear. My mother still has it. I'm now a hat designer for a living and she seems sure it'll "be worth something some day." Of course it's still in perfect condition being made from Red Heart or some such thing! That stuff is indestructable!


In college back in the 60s I was in a house plan (instead of a sorority) and no one could afford commercial sweaters so we all as a group decided to knit red cardigans as a kind of uniform. Only one person actually finished hers but we all had a good time trying.


I learned to knit as a teenager during the 70's. There was a lot of disco and acrylic going on there. I remember my grandmother (the right-handed person who taught me how to knit) every time I try to get gauge (I'm left handed)She also left me some very old knitting books from the 1940s. The patterns there are amazing (and so small)


I learned to knit from my Grandmother who was more than eager to teach me. My first project was a scarf (just like today) I still have it with lots of mistakes, but I will never give it away because it shows how far I have come since that day in my knitting.

Gosh I would love to win your book, how truly original it is.


Hi, I work for Part of my job is to search blogs to find the latest books and shops throughout the U.S.

On we are going to add patterns and other knitting related books and would like reviews about them. I saw your blog and would like to ask permission to feature the following quote on our site.

"Retro Knits collects 50 vintage patterns for items as stylish today as they were in their time. Organized by decade, these patterns have been culled from vintage pattern books published by yarn makers, and feature old photos, pattern book covers, and original instructions."

Thank You,

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