Craftside: Interview with Tracie Lyn Huskamp author of Nature Inspired: Last day to enter to win her book and art
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September 23, 2009



Lovely favorite nature inspirations are trees and leaves...especially the big oak trees here in the south.

bill small

Favorite natural thing:

Niagara Falls (TG man hasn't messed with it too much)

I like the melted army man coaster. ..Looks like a roadside bomb aftermath. You should send one to George Bush to feel better.


Awesome interview! I hope to someday take a workshop led by Tracie Lyn (it WILL happen!!).

There are way too many of my favorite nature items to choose from, but I think for today, I'll pick the milk weed plant.

I love watching them change as the seasons change...they attract beautiful butterflies...and I love the soft floss that's inside the seed pods! So beautiful!!

Wanda H

I enjoyed the interview and would love to get the book. I'd say my favorite nature thing is flowers... followed closely by butterflies, dragonflies, and leaves.

Lynda Taylor

Great Interview.
My favorite nature things are leaves and flowers.
So beautiful and yet so easy to use in art and mixed media.

Susan Zacher

Wish I had a craft room that size!! I'm always tripping over something in my tiny basement room. Nature is a big inspiration for me too. I love anything to do with the sea, birds and I love to collect rocks and minerals and then use them my artwork. Susan Z


Great interview! I love all things in nature especially sunflowers and gourds. Can't wait to make my own bowls from those gourds. Would love to win. Thanks. Lynda

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