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December 01, 2009



I made my wreath (years ago) and now must do some much needed work on it! I also have a frame in which I'm going to put peat moss and plant a living wreath. Probably should have started that one a few weeks ago!

Love your posts! Thanks for keeping us so informed!

Cori Berg

Only, only, only make.... wreath making is one of those no-fail projects.. it just feels sooo good to do...

MAry Anne

This year I will either have to make one or buy one because the artificial ones I've had are totally worn out and got torn apart for other 'makings' last year. I think I want a real one for a change.


I ripped fabric into strips and tied them onto a cheap grapevine wreath then made a bow from a wider stip of ripped fabric. It turned out pretty well!


I made my wreath several years ago from grape vine stems. I added six small angels, all hand made by friends and one that my daughter made from a styrafoam egg carton and pipe cleaners when she was about 4years old. I wrapped a delicate gold ribbon all around and added a bow and draped a length of maroon pearls that come on a thin filiment. I keep it up all year, it's not just for Christmas.

f lynn rush

i don't celebrate any holidays, but i do make wreaths. i have made some out of grapevines, greenery and/or artificial flowers. store-bought won't do! rush8888 at att dot net

Juliet A

Mine is handcrafted, but not by me - I traded a bunch of my hand-stamped cards for it!

Ellen Lai

We don't celebrate Christmas in the house, so no X'mas tree or wreath, but I intend to make wreaths on ATCs.

wendy m.

We have a basic artifical wreath for the front door, with lights and small ornaments (although my dog hates the bells that ring every time we open the door). This ribbon wreath is a lovely idea, though, and I do have a lot of ribbon in the house...I'm thinking maybe it's about time to retire that artificial wreath!


We used to have a swag of berried holly on our front door but the tree has been pruned so hight that reaching any is probably not possible this year. I'll have to make something of pine cones and a polystyrene frame this year I think.

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