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December 17, 2009



My favorite knit thing is a pair of earrings that a friend gave me yesterday in a beautiful shade of blue! They are teardrop shaped and it was so thoughtful!

MAry Anne

Mine would have to be a sweater that is knitted in blocks of different colours, textures and patterns. Goes with absolutely everything!

Marjorie Jumisco

I have several favorite knitted things - they are all scarves but very favorite as when we relocated from CA to NC, my very best friends knit scarves for me to keep me warm out here in the east! A blue one, a lumpy black and colored one and a brownish red one. Love em all!

Marjorie Jumisco,


Right now, my FAVORITE knit thing is my hat - it's FREEEEEEZING in the mornings, and that's the only thing keeping me and complete icicle-ness apart...

Ellen Lai

My favourite is a small tote bag I knitted myself. That is about the one and only one I managed to knit so far!


This time of year - my favorite items are crocheted ones from my mother. I have a crocheted tree that she attached fun little ornaments. I also have several snowflakes.

Rebecca Jones

my favorite knitted item is a coat my grandmother knitted.


My favorite knitted item is a bag that my girlfriend knit and then felted for me. I am going to put a needle felted scene of Pikes Peak on it. She also knit some sweaters with matching caps for my grandchildren that are outstanding. I do not knit, but I crochet.

f lynn rush

my mom knitted a sweater for me. it was VARIGATED - white to medium blue - which was so wonderful at the time. i must have been 10. my mom also knitted sweaters for my two sisters. she also made the clothes for the barbie dolls. one dress i remember: strapless, emerald green and there was a fuzzy white mohair at the hem. elegant!


My favourtie knit thing is a Koogi sweater-jacket which is really warm. It is brightly multi-coloured and almost always gets good comments from men. My dear coursin Karen gave it to me. She purchased it at a garage sale in Seattle for $1.00.

I more recently learned that it is Australian made and was really quite expensive when new. I've had it over 10 years now and still love it.

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