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March 10, 2010



oh be still my heart!


Oh, that looks fantastic!


Thanks so much made my day :D Fondly, Roberta

f lynn rush

this is one of those things where i want to slap myself in the forehead and say "why didn't i - or someone else - think of this when i had a growing daughter!!!!" that outfit is wonderful, and the idea of cinching to fit now and release later, is genius! looks like a must-have for people who make clothing for their children.

Barbara Hagerty

What an adorable outfit!

Congratulations, winners!!


Intiguing idea. I need to look for such eyelet trim. I've never really seen it myself.
And... There is no reason not to imitate the idea for adults clothes with whatever cords one wanted. It wouldn't really have to be laced up more than once and then permanently stitched. It would give a rather nice back interest to some oversized but desirable shirts/blouses that I have picked up in a charity shop here in England.

Lynda Taylor

I love that childs outfit. Super! And love how you have used that technique on your shirt.

I am currently making a couple of green and black tutus for my daughter and her friend for sports day. They are in green house. I have yet to customise some t-shirts for them too. Maybe some applique hearts with tulle underneath.


What a wonderful idea, and LOVE your NEW shirt! I might even have a couple of shirts I could do that with.

Sewing: need to alter my kitchen curtains, a friend brought over a top that she wants me to fix for her, and I have been making re-usable tote bags.

Jane Hakes

Forget the kids....*I* want to wear those clothes!!!

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