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April 07, 2010


Melanie K.

I made a digital brush/stamp based off a sun dress. I still love that design!


I designed a necklace based on cavatappi pasta. I also love watching stock car races to find unusual color combinations.

wendy m.

I was inspired by a pair of shorts I once had - I carved some stamps based on the tribal masks printed on the fabric. And sometimes a printed ad in a magazine will give me ideas for a card layout (color blocking, etc.) even if the ad has absolutely nothing to do with crafting.


I looked at a rusted gutter screen and saw a Marie Antoinette skirt, and then I used it to make an art doll.


I saw inspiration in the curves and shine of recently voided sheep muck. Such things are usually looked at in passing to check on the health of the sheep. This time the glossy, 3 dimensional, curvilinear shapes and color caught my eye.

Polyester clay, or resin and felt anyone?

Joan Bravo

My strangest inspiration came from dusting under the bed. I found some large dust bunnies and used them by pressing them onto the card serface that I sprayed with adhesive. Joan B

f lynn rush

i find feathers on the ground and attach them to cards or other art. of course, the theme would be about birds. when i was much, much younger - about 40 years ago - i found a small blue jay feather, and i still have it. if i come across another one, i MIGHT use that one. i must find someone that can inheirit it and enjoy it.

Ellen Lai

Not really strange places, but from everywhere, from tile patterns, dress prints, I have drawn inspiration to design my tatting patterns.

Nancy Wu

I get graphic ideas from nature and even while cooking. As things change and evolve, it reminds me that there are many perspectives or points of view towards a visual solution.

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