Craftside: Chrysanthemum salad recipe from the book Christmas on the Farm
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August 03, 2011



How beautiful! My brother is a chef and his presentation of food is just as wonderful as the taste. Me...I only admire those with this gift - no real cooking skills here other than...plain old, plain old. So, I totally appreciate what you've done here!

Andrea M

This is a super cute presentation. And planning can never begin too early!

Shelley Bonefas

I love Christmas!

Karen Diebolt

Very cute idea for a salad. Yes, I have already thought about Christmas. Like you said, us crafters need to start early! I'm also posting this on my blog as I post all contests I enter on there.

Ana Maria

Never is to early to start thinking about Christmas, I just start my Christmas cards. I would love to win this book like to make new recipes for my favorite season.


No! I have not been thinking about the holidays as more than a passing what are we going to do this year? (as we will be home) I was thinking about knittjng some dishtowels as gifts too. Better get started.
That is a great idea for salad, and the book loos super cute.


This book would be perfect for me... as I have already started thinking about Xmas (just as every year) but will probably not be doing anything until November!
Thanks for the chance!


I am always thinking about Christmas. Each year I try to make at least on Christmas item a month (I don't alway manage but I try). I'm in Christmas secret sister swap at the moment that lasts six months, so all in all Christmas is alive and well in my house right now.


I think about the holidays year-round, especially when it comes to gift buying... I pick up stuff whenever I see something I think my nieces and nephews would like. I also think about meal planning and logistics for the next Christmas starting December 26... if not earlier! :) Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to win!


I have been thinking about the holidays but not in a good way. I don't think Christmas will be very fun this year.

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