Craftside: Doodle drawing exercise from the new book Unfurling, A Mixed-Media Workshop with Misty Mawn
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September 07, 2011



Of course I doodle! It seems anytime I have a pen in hand I doodle, especially when I am on the phone. And that would have been just yesterday.

Selah Gay

What an interesting book! Doodling is a part of life! I find it the most relaxing art there is cause there are no boundaries only sacred spaces! The last time I doodled? This morning while having coffee on my back porch I doodled on my notepad I use to jot down the plans for my day! Thanks for asking! ~selah~

Melanie K.

I would love this book!
I was not a doodler ... but I make myself do it more now. I just doodled a box around a quote in a workshop I am taking!


cool! yup, i am a doodler. comes in handy when scrapbooking and filling in gaps but would love to get new ideas!

nina beana

i doodle on everything! for some reason i always doodle ferns...


I doodle all the time. It helps me focus during meetinga and helps me relax. I also Zentangle-just a more refined type of doodling. very Zen.

Patti V

I doodle on bills lol...on notes...on any paper that is left lying around within reach lol...this morning was on my to do list....and am 1/2 way through painting a doodling there though lol...


I have been typing on my typwriter in the kitchen

working on a poem

which seems to be going through so many drafts!


once i finish with the clackety clack of the typing

zip the sheet out and add it to the pile on the table
and then absent mind like

i doodle with my pencil around the poem while pondering the new draft

mostly silly doodles

hearts of course
and words

(lots of words)

lately i have been doodling the word

and then i usually add a smiley face




I doodled this morning on a Day of the Dead paper bags book. I will doodle on anything. Would love to win your book!

Erica Heilmann

I do doodle. Doodle I do. The last place I doodled was in my altered book of reflections on The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. Misty's book is on my Amazon wish list and my husband hasn't taken the hint. Since my birthday was yesterday, winning Unfurling would make me smile!

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