Craftside: How to cut and lay a reclaimed end grain wood floor from the book Building with Secondhand Stuff
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November 09, 2011



It's a Kuksa - a traditional finnish wooden cup handmade of lumps in treetrunk.

My favorite wood thing that I own right now is a cut from an Elm tree trunk. I'm sanding it and then plan on using tung oil to finish it. I'll add wheels and make it into a coffee table.

Kylie C

I love making wooden buttons for knit pieces from windfall branches- just slice, drill, sand, and oil. Thanks for the great giveaway.


I have a graduated bookshelf that my dad made for my kids. It has a tall, deep shelf on the bottom that is perfect for oversized hard-covered books. The shelves get smaller until the top one, which is the perfect size for trade paperbacks.

Holly U

My husband built a boat -- really more of a skeleton of a boat -- for our son this summer entirely from an apple tree on our property which was felled by an ice storm last winter. He did it without any power tools too. It was a huge hit at my son's pirate-themed birthday party!


I have many, many favorite things made from wood, up to and including kitchen utensils- but my very favorite thing is a wooden crock that I found in a thrift store once. It looks like an old-school bean crock, complete with a lid, and it's pretty obvious that it was someone's "weekend project"- it's not a factory piece, and thus all the more loveable and real-looking. I'm pretty sure that the wood is cherry, and it just feels warm and lovely in my hands. I love it all the more because I don't currently have the lathe to do this myself- but someday soon, I hope! BTW, thanks for sharing the peek at the book- that sounds like something I'm gonna have to have! :o)

Jami C.

A compost fence from recycled wooden pallets...

Tammy @GodlyHomemakers

My favorite wood thing - is a little end table / bookshelf that my dad made years ago, it now resides in my baby's room.


my favorite wood thing I own is my entertainment center, it is completely modular and fits all our needs


My grandfather and great-grandfather were carpenters, and my favorite wood thing is a huge desk that they built- it has cubbies, a pull-out desktop, drawers, and no nails. At all.Just wooden pegs. It's very cool.

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