Craftside: Needle Felted Mini Pumpkins made with Reversed Spun Roving
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September 18, 2008


Linda Lanese

I did an article on Craft Gossip on your adorable pumpkins. I hope you enjoy it.


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Those animals are really sweet! I love your idea for reverse spinning! Excellent post!


These are ADORABLE!!!


You did such a great job. Thanks for sharing. I love the book, Wool Pets, too.

Tammy Aubuchon

Oh my gosh! I FINALLY found a link that did what "I" did! I searched & searched online for turning roving "yarn" BACK into the wool used for needle felting. I found NOTHING, until I came across your site. Thank goodness! I thought maybe I was crazy & it was not a good thing to do, but I didn't know what else to do. (I find it easier, for me, to use "two" pet brushes, working the fibers off one & onto another, like spinners do with raw wool,) because the yarn fibers on the bottom of the brush are still in yarn strands & need to be worked off to expose them.

Thank you SO much for assuring me it "does" work, & I'll stop searching now! (Note: I went to a Pet supply store to get the brushes [at $12.00 each!] but wished I would have gone to "Target" to get what my daughter got for $3 or $4. It has a button on the handle that pushes up a plate to remove the hairs (or "roving" for us,)off the little wires! Man! So easy! But the Pet-- place didn't have those at all & I had forgotten where my daughter got hers. Phooey!

So, I just use a tool I got at JoAnn's in the needle felting aisle, that resembles a little tiny wire rake, with a single row of long wires with a bend on the end. You can turn the base at end of the handle to retract the wires for storage. To remove roving "fibers" you just made from the brush, I lift them right off the brush with that little rake thing. So easy! (A wire human hair pick might also work. I'm thinking up new ideas!)

I'm VERY new at this needle felting thing, but I'm LOVING IT! I saw some adorable animals (& funny too) in a zoo gift shop by "Woolbuddy." I watched his video on Youtube while he made a very funny frog. It looked very easy. So I ordered the "frog" kit, & a funny angler fish online the next day from his "etsy" site. (You get a discount if you buy 2 kits, or 4, from his etsy site.) I was "hooked!" I made a "baby" frog with the wool I had left over from the kit! I'm now making a rabbit, with NO pattern, no instructions, just ON MY OWN! He's going well! I used pics from other experts OL & their fabulous works of art. Signed, Sleepless in Seattle!


Glad you liked the tutorial!

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