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September 30, 2008



I'm making special ornaments with big hand-tied bows to put on gift baskets. I like to buy baskets on sale and then fill them with treats for specific people, wrap them in decorative, shrinkwrap cellophane, and top them off with a big bow with a hand-made or hand-decorated ornament attached.

Mary Anne

I make most of my gifts so there's lots of 'crafting' going on right now. I'm making several knitting bags including needle rolls and circular needle holders using recycled denim from my stash. A number of people will be getting covered journals (also from my denim stash!). At least 14 ornaments (design still to be decided on). A crocheted bag. Several garbage holders for in the car (more denim!). Felted slippers. I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of them right now!!
Mary Anne


Well I am in charge of decoartions for a Presentation night for our local Darts club - I am thinking of huge Christmas trees and ornaments which double as prizes. Of course I have to do paper chains as it wouldnt be Christmas with out them.

I am changing my mind by the second which isnt too good as time is flying by. At least the tickets are designed and printed - one thing off of my list :)

Have a lovely day :)


Yes! I am preparing for Xmas! I am painting silk to quilt and make bags to put presents on. Silk beads for closing the bags also.
Samples are in my blog...


My plan is to make personal little embroidered goods for all my loved ones, including napkin sets, aprons, and ornaments. I hope I have time to finish them all though! I have a big family!


I am making my husband a needlepoint picture of mountains - he loves them and can't get there enough. I hope I finish in time - I can only work on it when he's not around!


I've been making purses as gifts!


I'm planning on doing some ornaments & probably a scrapbook for someone. Not 100% sure yet :)


I will be crafting beaded ornaments for Christmas this year. Also beaded nettings to hang over solic colored glass tree ornaments. We exchange these with friends throughout the season.

Please enter me in your book drawing. Thank you

Tina Swain

This year as Christmas cards...I am send each a small box with a standable Tree and a small stocking with a pepermint candy. I am so excited, last year I send painted coconuts with a christmas picture painted on them. ( we do live in the south)

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