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December 10, 2008



My favorite holiday craft idea? Stand a knitting needle upright and "string" ornaments over the tip. It stands by itself and looks very festive. I also like to use last years cards by cutting circles folding and connecting them to make Christmas ornaments!


Take last years holiday cards and cut them into different shapes. They can be strung as a garland or used as gift tags.

Angie Platten

OMG, this book is out?! I was just wondering about it two days ago. I had a card or two accepted for this book but it was so long ago that I submitted, I can't remember! How exciting!

To answer your question, I love taking empty cans, the bigger, the better and making buckets out of them. I have decorated them with fusible web ironed on to cute fabric, cut it out and iron it to the cans! You do have to be careful if you paint the cans before adhering though. You could also collage papers. I then fill the buckets with tissue paper and goodies. A favorite is homemade cinnamon rolls packed in a bucket and delivered so a special friend or two on Christmas morning. Smaller cans can be used for all sorts of goodies or gifts.

Gayle Richmond

Each year I make ornaments with a picture of my granddaughter, Becca, and give to her parents, my parents, and her other grandparents. I have let her help me make the ornaments since she was 7 years old and it is a very special time for both of us. She is now 12 years old and I know that we wont have this time together forever, so I cherish each year.


I love to take leftover materials I have from the year, and I make hand sewn ornaments for the kids trees and homes, I stuff them with their favorite potpourri. With most of them having fake trees these days, it imparts a scent of Christmas in the air.

Doreen aka LuniLadi

OMG when my kids were little I made SO many gifts for Christmas...scout leaders, dance teachers, catechism teachers, You can stamp on tissue and use a heating gun to adhere to a candle. Angie mentioned cans...I used to make organizers out of different sized covered cans! Decorated glass balls for ornaments. Gee...if you really need ideas, email me! lol


This year I'm making coffee cup sleeves out of scraps from vintage table cloths. That is definitely a book I will be adding to my Santa list!


I like making potholders and trivets out of just about anything. They're small, which equals quick and easy, and they're easily personalized to the person's interests, decor, etc.

Sherelyn Nichol

The book looks great!
I like making a new angel ornament from scraps of lace, ribbon and material each year.
When I need ideas for making holiday crafts, I look to the Carol Duval sitr. She covers every holiday there is.


Candy Grisham

I make angels from old handkerchiefs and lace for the tree, for gifts, for just having around. Never too many angels.

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