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December 16, 2008



Last year I went on a roll and made enough purses to sell at a friends home sale. Otherwise I don't have the time to make enough product. Friends have suggested that I sell my quilts, but with the amount of hours I put into each I would have to charge in the thousands. I'd rather make them for our home or as gifts to friends.


I've thought about it, but I really dislike making multiples. Maybe someday an Etsy shop...

Sherelyn Nichol

Well, it is a shame I am already married, I could have a lot of fun with the wedding book.
I do sell things I make. I currently have a space at an antique and gift mall. But, the real joy of crafting special items is when they are for gifts!


I have loads of ideas for things to sell - I just dont have the "balls" to my own. I have made a couple of cards on commission and got them to pay me what they think they are worth - I am shocking!!


I have sold some cards made with rejects from my watercolor and chinese brush painting pieces. I used to sell a few from a friend's gallery, but the economy put a stop to that. Maybe next year.


Lately I've been selling some items at a local shop. Mostly iPod covers made from felted thrift store sweaters. I also made Xmas stockings from the sweaters and they've been popular! I have also sold packages of hand-pained papers on Etsy. I'm going to try to get back into that in the new year, since I have so many papers i've made.


I used to sell my crafts, mostly jewelry that I created at craft fairs and in some gift malls. But since my health got bad, I had to quit. I have recently put a few plush up at etsy though. But no sales yet.

Gayle Richmond

I dont usually sell my items because I couldn't sell them for enough to compensate me for my time. I have in the past made goodies for sales at work where the proceeds went to charity. I also had some of my creations raffled off for charity. Now that I am retired I have thought about selling at craft shows so I will have money to buy more supplies.


I mostly sell my crafts to friends and family who randomly ask me if they can purchase something I've made. They've gotten a lot of free stuff too =] and there's a time at which my efforts, time, and money should be compensated.

kathleen m

I used to sell a lot -- years ago -- Now I just give things away which give me greater joy.

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