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December 23, 2008


wendy m.

The best would have to be the blue and white crocheted afghan my Grandmother made for me when I was in elementary school. I carried it to college with me and I still have it today.
The worst - not made by my other Grandma but purchased by her - a bright blue furry-with-a-doll- face tissue box cover, back in the 70's. That thing gave me nightmares (love you, Grandma!!)

Sherelyn Nichol

I HAVE GOT to have that book. What fun it looks! I could pre order....
My best gift ever was a towel holder that was made of a towel in a embroidery hoop. Not that is was a wonderful gift, but that it was from my mother who usually, without fail, would send 20 dollars. This was real, and she won it at bingo! Much more fun than money. That was at least 20 years ago and I still hang it in the kitchen. Worst, the last time I saw my mother, I made her cry, by telling her if she got a hearing aid, She wouldn't have to have us repeat everything. It was Christmas day and I lost her 3 weeks later.

Nancy K in WI

My favorite gift was the knitted stuffed Christmas set(angel,soldier,santa,drummer&others) my Mom made for my sister & I as she was losing her eyesight from kidney failure,shortly before she died. She recycled old jewelry pieces to add bling accents to them. I certainly never appreciated my sister's knitted gifts as much as I should have. Her tastes in color are so different from mine. She does beautiful work.


By far the best gift I've received in recent memory is a wall quilt made by my sister-in-law that was inspired by a collage I made and which she had seen on my blog! When I opened it, I had the weirdest deja-vous feeling before I realized it was a larger, fabric version of MY artwork!


In recent years the best present was getting an ipod from my husband. We don't usually buy each other gifts as we spend/give enough to the kids. I was shocked that he had listened to me mention my desire for an ipod when they first came out. I know that may sound materialistic, but it can be so heart warming when you are completely surprised.

I also always love the handmade gifts I get from my crafty friends. And my girlfriend always compiles an end of the year CD that I cherish.

Gayle Richmond

The best gift I have ever received was Christmas presents for my young children. My husband had been laid off and my salary just barely covered rent and utilities. My husband's unemployment went for car insurance, car payment and groceries. It broke my heart to know that my children would not have a Christmas. They were old enough to understand but too young to hide their dissappoinment.

Early on Christmas Eve, I answered a knock on my door to find my supervisor and some of the office staff standing there with armloads of wrapped presents and bags of groceries. I didn't work in the home office and had never met most of these wonderful people but they decided to use the money that was earmarked for their annual Christmas party to give my children a wonderful Christmas. We were back on our feet in no time but have never forgot the generosity of these wonderful people. Every year since we adopt or help with Christmas for an adopted family. I have been on both ends and each is wonderful. My 12 year old granddaughter also practices this pay it forward with us each year. When she was eight, she gave all her wrapped presents to my daughter's co-workers little girl when she found out that the little girl's daddy had left them and they would not have Christmas. That one generous deed all those years ago has resulted in many families receiving some help and reminded us what the true meaning of Christmas is.


I participated in a circus art book swap that Lisa coordinated, and the result was wonderful! I'm sure the book will be beautiful! The best gift material wise would have to be my SLR, but the best overall has been experiencing Christmas through my children. It's brought back all of the magic and more! The worst? My husband once bought me an electric toothbrush for Christmas. Not such a big hit!

billie gordon

A sewing kit from my grandmother was one of my favorite. I had it for probably 50 years and have just recently retired it.
I never appreciated the Lifesaver candy books that one of my aunt sent. Are they still sold?


Funny, I think my best/worst was the same handmade gift. It was a beanbag velvet green frog that one of my grandmothers made for me. I loved that thing so much it went through many repairs. The reason it was also the worst present was mostly from my mom's point of view: This grandma liked my younger sister better than me (this was no secret, mostly because I was a tomboy), and for my sister the same Christmas, she made an extremely elaborate doll named Becky. Becky was huge and had a blue-checked dress and apron, blonde hair, a stitched face, etc. You get the picture. My mom was insulted that I got the frog. And it was kind of sad and mean when you looked at it that way. But luckily I was a little kid and didn't pay much attention to the political ramifications of the dollie/frog dichotomy. I just loved my froggy.

Lisa Kettell

I think the best gifts I have received as a child were my Barbie Dream House, first cabbage patch doll named Casey Sandy and my first Alice in Wonderland Book.
The worst, a Plaid dress with matching jacket.
Today I would say the best gifts I could receive are not material, they are my loved ones and my ability to create, to keep my faith and appreciate these gifts.
Material wise, my book creation would be my favorite gift.

P.S. I hope everyone can see the artful magic I have created in this book!

Magic and Joy!

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