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December 08, 2008



One of the fun ones was a pot of gold - a terracotta pot filled with one dollar coins. The next year was a note book (a book filled with 5 dollar notes)

My aunty is hard to buy for and her birthday is boxing day so mostly it is easier to give money.


The most creative way I have given gifts is to play "hot and cold". My kids loved this when they were little...and it's even carried over now that they've grown up. I'll have the present hidden....and at some point (when they're far away from it so *I* can have more fun! lol) say "cold". Then the fun begins.
Doreen aka LuniLadi


In their advent chest, my kids often get treasure maps or a clue that starts them off on a scavenger hunt around the house for their little gifts. My husband used "creative" wrapping one year - he wrapped three CDs for me in Contact paper - with the backing removed! It took me a half an hour to get all of that paper off!

Sherelyn Nichol

Oh that is easy! The year my DH wanted a bowling ball, but I knew if I wraped it in a box, he would know what it was. So, i wrapped a box and put it in another box and wrapped it, etc etc until there were about 10 boxes to open. The kicker was in the smallest box was a note telling him to look in the bottom of HIS closet behind his shoes for his gift! It was there for about 3 weeks and he didn't see it. LOL


My sister-in-law LOVES chocolate. For Christmas I gave her a book, which I wrapped in lively paper and attached via glue gun Hershey miniatures and bright ribbons. She was as pleased with wrapping as she was with the book.


I'm not terribly creative in packaging. The most I've done is to give a quilter a fabric wrapped package so they can use the wrapping. Or stuffing things into paper tubes and wrapping them as Christmas crackers.

Gayle Richmond

I have done the box in the box in the box thing a few times, but, for the most part, I just try to be creative with the card of tag.


When I turned 13, my mom gave me the most special birthday. I was born just before Christmas, but this was one of the rare times I still had school on my birthday. My mom took the day off and spent the day getting ready. I came home to my favorite cake, which was decorated with 13 candy canes. I had 13 presents, including 13 thirteen-cent stamps, a personal ad in the newspaper that was 13 words long and a book with a special inscription on page 13. I was amazed at the thoughtfulness and felt very, very lucky to have my mom.

Sherry Grove

Last year I told my parents I bought Lion King tickets for my daughter for a Christmas present. They really wanted to go, but couldn't afford it, so we purchased the tickets for my mom and dad. We went to a thrift store and actually found a large plastic Lion King mug, so we wrapped that. My dad knew instantly what it was to represent. My mom kept looking at it, asking why he was so dumbstruck and excited!! It took her a while to figure it out!!

Ina Ftacek

I was playing bingo and bought a chance and won a doll with money $1.oo bills made into a dress. A dollar chance won $25.oo money doll...I kept her together because I still am fascinated on how this was made and added her to my doll collection. I also just received a gorgeous art box and inside was all alpha die cuts to use in my artwork as a christmas swap exchange gift.

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