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December 05, 2008


Brenda M

Those little pencil toppers are so cute. I don't decorate or craft to a theme - we recycle the same decorations, though I do try and make some new things each year. This year I will make a new Christmas applique.


So cute, wish I could crochet well enough to attempt them.

We use the same decorations every year, some must be used, some are optional. Not a real theme, just stuff I like, emphasis on stars I suppose. For the past 5 years I've been ornaments that have the word PEACE on them somewhere. So we almost have an entire Peace Tree going.

Sherelyn Nichol

Theme? We don't need no stinking theme! LOL I am kind of a hap-hazard kind of Christmas Decorator. I have includes lots of jumping jacks on my tree this year. Almost every year though, the underlying theme is dolls! I just do something different almost every year.


This year I really changed the style. We bought a white tree and have a very bright, modern vibe going. Lots of red and white and graphic prints. The house looks so happy:) I think I'll stick with this for awhile, because it really matches with the style of the whole house.


No theme at our house, we just have a collection of misc. items from the years; each year the kids add to it and we can't forget certain things that must be on the tree. I'm trying to crochet something special for the family and kids friends and keep it a low budget Christmas.


For our recent years in FL, from which we travel to the frozen tundra of CT to be with g'kids for the holiday, we have taken to having a live, potted Norfolk pine tree, which we then plant in our yard. The first one of these trees (about 8 yrs old) is now tooooooo tall for us to reach the top of, even with any rational ladder we have in our garage. In the past few years -- when we could reach the top -- we had strung it with lights for our more traditional looking Christmas tree. One of the downsides of the potted Norfolk pine is that it can only hold VERY lightweight ornaments, so my best ornaments remain in their nests year after year. One of these years -- I am promising myself -- I will have one last blast of a humungous live Christmas tree, and I will hang every ornament I own on it, some of which go back to my childhood, some of which go back to my husband's childhood -- now that is officially back to the Stone Age!

Julie Kawano

I dont really have a theme. This year, my 3 year old son, decorated the christmas tree! It looks interesting for sure. Maybe when they are a bit older, we will have themes that suit our weather out here in Australia...HOT!


Decorating always includes snowmen - I have quite a collection and add to it every year. Last year my best friend made me a knitted a pair for my birthday and they are now the focal point of my holiday decorations.


No theme, no color scheme, just things collected over the years and new ornaments from whatever whim hits and what gifts I receive from stitching friends.


If only I had the time to create a many come to mind. But as usual we will decorate with items collected over the years. I do make an ornament for each family member that represents them. This year will be a butterfly for my step-daughter, a pokemon for my son and something food oriented for my chef/husband.

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