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December 11, 2008


Judy in Iowa

In this new year i would like to get more supplies so i can begin creating paper dolls. I want to try new things! HUGS

Becky A.

Stretch myself and try new techniques every month!


Organize would be the key word here! Instead of dyeing in the garage in the summer & in the laundry room in the winter & working on other projects in a bedroom I've converted into the first stages of a studio...........I would LOVE for it to all be in ONE place & so organized that I knew where every thing was at the drop of a hand. (is that possible) Was wondering if I can get two votes on this one, because I think the hubby feels the same way. :)


Create & draw from my extensive stockpile that I already have.


It's time to pare down--I plan to complete some of the many (many many) projects I have underway and focus on utilizing my stash for any new ones. Marjorie


Organize is also what I would like to do. I am constantly trying to find the item I want to use and keep having to dig around for it. But I would also like to try and work with doll forms and see what I can do.


Doreen aka LuniLadi

I think alot of us are on the same wavelength....organize, purge.
Those are definites for me. I would also like to pursue some new directions....spend more time creating what *I* want *when* I want. Find new groups, make new friends. Gee, alot to accomplish!

Michaele C.

Finish the craft room that we started
which means that now I sort through
all of my supplies and get rid of things
I absolutely will never use and use
some of the stash I have been saving for something special. I have come to realize that every day is special, that's why we now use our good china and silverware everyday and I no longer have those special jammies for if I have to go to the hospital. ;-)


I work on many projects and calls for others, but in 2009 I would like to spend more time on my own projects.


wow! that's beautiful!

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