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December 04, 2008



My dad is nearly impossible to shop and craft for. He is one of those people who just go get the things they want, they don't drop nice fat hints for the rest of us to catch! I don't think he's worn a tie since he got married twenty years ago... We live in a warm climate so I can't even make him a nice pair of knitted socks or a scarf. One of these days I am going to borrow a childhood photo of my stepmom off the piano and photocopy it for use in a collage, but it's a little late to be plotting that for this year...

Barbara Roberts

The hardest person to shop for is my husband. He buys what he wants and when he wants it. I start getting e-mails in Feb with "Christmas ideas" . I solve it by buying what he asks for and usually find something related he hadn't thought of.


My husband is the hardest person for me to shop for! Every time he mentions something, he goes out and buys it before I have the opportunity!! He stumps our kids too! I really haven't been able to solve this. We usually end up getting something for feeding the birds, something we both enjoy!!!


My dad, definitely. It seems like I get him the same things over and over, but for his birthday I found some great photographs on Etsy I thought he would like (he's and amazing photographer himself). Okay, I LOVE that scarf! I must raid a thrift store soon (but it is hard to find wool sweaters in California).

Sherelyn Nichol

Well, for sure the toughest gift to buy is the one for my husband. He never gives a hint as to what he wants, and I have to listen very carefully to him to get an inkling of what he might like to have. I think this year it will be a cordless screwdriver. Exciting, huh?


The two hardest people in my life to gift are my husband and my best friend. My husband is just not a material guy and presents aren't really special to him. In terms of knitting, he always runs warm and we live in a warm climate. This year is a big question mark, but for next year I'm going to make him a light weight quilt for his side of the bed.

My best friend is a completely different problem. He is the classic example of the shy programmer guy in the back room. He is also a really big guy. I would like to make him a sweater that fits him, but I've never seen a sweater pattern that is a size 4XL. Since he is a programmer, I made him a pair of fingerless mitts to wear in the deep freeze that is most modern computer rooms.


My Mother and Mother-in-law are tough folks to give gifts. So last year I decided to focus on what they like to 'do' vs what things to buy. I got Mom a gift card at the local movie theater where she can see movies free whenever she likes. For my Mother-in-law, I contact her favorite hair salon and arranged to purchase 4 appts, then I made 'coupons' for her to use for payment when she has her hair done. Everyone is please, no shipping, no waste, nothing to dust.

Jan Canyon

I love the machine gun scarf! So weird but yet wonderful! My husband is the hardest to find a gift for as he getws what he wants when he wants it or else wants really, really expensive stuff - the only reason he doesn't go out and buy that stuff is we can't afford it! He hates clothes, hasn't worn a sweater ever and a scarf - forget it! Jeans and t-shirts all the way. I usually find him a tool or such as that is what he loves most.
Jan C.


That would be my teenage son - and it's not so hard for us to buy him something (because it will usually be one large present), it's that we never have ideas for other folks in our family to get him. This year we're recommending gift cards to Target - not very personal, but it will allow him to buy Guitar Hero, which is one of the big ticket items that he wants.


In answer to the question:

Definitely the men in my life! My husband and all the fathers and grandfathers on the list. I never know what to make them or get them for Christmas or any other time. I just try and think about what they're currently "in to" and find something related. Not always easy and not always successful, but there it is...

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