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December 17, 2008



I love my fur babies (Coffee and Latte') and they each have their stockings that I made for them. They get at least one new toy each year in their stocking along with some treats. And it is so much fun watching them work the stockings to get out their presents. And every year I take pictures while they are getting into the stockings. So much fun!


Of course my 2 dogs and 2 cats get Xmas gifts. They get more than we do! I don't craft for them...but I do bake biscuits for them every year! Maybe in 2009 I'll try to knit a dogsweater!

Gayle Richmond

I hope this doesn't post twice but I don't think the first one took. I love my animal babies but I dont craft for them. I have on occassion made collars for my dogs but even though I do get them Christmas and birthday presents, they are store bought. I just dont see them appreciating my art enough - lol.

Nancy K in WI

My furbabies deserve more of an effort from me craftwise than they get. Do leftovers from the 'frig' count? LOL.
In the past I've made rugs and beds for them. Guess with our cold weather I should do this again. Thanks for the reviews you do on many great 1's.


Our doggie, Loch, always gets a present. This year was a cookie from the doggie bakery and a stuffed badger.

Sherelyn Nichol

Love your "easy" necklace sticker project ! I have sewn thing for my Ottis Redding and Tomorrow Walter. ( one black and one white) and others cats I've had or for friends' pets. An easy gift for them is a 6" square of fabtic tied tightly around some fresh or dried catnip. That is one of their favorite toys.


I buy fleece from the fabric store and sew the edges to make my Dog a blanket for her bed. This year it's pink with little black dog prints on it. There are so many great fleece prints out now!


Unfortunately, I don't make things for my kitty (Sassy) because I don't have the time or money. So I just buy things at the store for her and I think she likes the store stuff as much as she would like my homemade stuff. I just take the easier way out.

Doreen aka LuniLadi

Well I haven't made gifts for our kitties but do buy them Christmas gifts from the store. I have crafted Christmas ornaments for our tree for the kitties that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Not that we could ever forget them...but it makes it seem like they are "more with us" at Christmastime....if this makes sense.

Judy in Iowa

Yes i get presents for my pound purries and my pound puppy. Bear gets homemade dog biscuits but not this year as my stoves broken. So i will get her favorite people snack and we'll set and share. She loves that! Sandee Claws and Snow White will get a little extra treat and i make them little catnip pillows out of extras scraps of material! I also make them for our shelter. =) They love that! HUGS

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