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December 24, 2008


Sherelyn Nichol

This looks like another fine book that needs to be added to my collection. Thanks for reviewing the books for us.
My son is 36 and lives 800 miles away. When he was a child, we always left milk and cookies for Santa. Santa always had to leave some crumbs behind. And he never drank all his milk. Merry Christmas!

wendy m.

We've done the traditional cookies and milk, too, but we've also left carrots for the reindeer.


I dont leave anything out anymore... but lots of best wishes for a safe journey!!

As a child we used to leave things for the reindeers - carrots and a bucket of water!! Occassionally Santa would be left beer and bickies!

Have a fabulous day :)
Merry Christmas from Australia :)


Santa eats homemade cookies (whatever I've baked that year), milk and of course carrots for the reindeer.

Gayle Richmond

First, I would like to thank you for these past few weeks. You have really made me think and remember some very good things in my life. I think we get so caught up in the day to day living that we forget to reflect and enjoy the good times.

I haven't left out anything for Santa since my baby was 8 (almost 30 years ago.) When we did, we left out the ritual cookies and milk and of course the cookies were always gone the morning and the milk glass was half empty.


I have very much enjoyed your thought-provoking questions this month. We do milk and cookies for Santa -- whatever Christmas cookies we have in the house. This year my daughter suggested carrots for the reindeer, which I thought was very creative and original, until I read the other comments posted here! LOL!

We usually also leave a note for Santa, giving him permission to help himself to the cookies and milk. And he always does!


Cookies and milk, always, but this year my son received some "reindeer food" from a friend at preschool. It was fancy stuff, made from candy corn, white and mint chips, and what looked like some bits of shredded wheat. Rudolph approved.


Hmm, when I was kiddo we used to leave out our homemade sugar cookies with colored sprinkles and a glass of milk. Today I can't really do that because my dog would eat it. Including the milk. She's kind of a pig. But Santa loves her anyway (so do we) and she always gets presents, too.

billie gordon

No children in the house means no treats for Santa.

Singer sewing machines

The book will help someone like me who wants to just sew and sew.

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