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December 15, 2008



i think the worst one I've done (and I've done it a few times) is when I'm sewing I catch my clothing that I'm wearing under the needle and sew myself into my project!!

Linda Morgan

Having beaded keychains I made returned because the crip bead was not tight enough and they fell apart. I finally macramaed one after it was returned 3 times so it would not break again.


If my projects don't turn out as expected, I tend to rework them into something that does work. Either that, or maybe I've blanked those really bad experiences from memory.


I made a baby quilt for a friend. I was up until 3 or 4 in the morning determined to finish it in time for the shower the next day. Sometime between 2:00 and delirious, I decided to free motion quilt the baby's name in the quilt border. Except that I had never free-motion quilted before. Fatigue emboldens me. It was a disaster! After the first letter, I decided to pull out the stitches and scrap the idea. While tearing out the tangled thread, I ripped a hole in the fabric. So I had to do the free motion thing to close and hide the hole in the material. My friend loved the quilt, but I still cringe thinking about it.


That's easy - when I was first learning to sew, I made a pair of shorts and wound up somehow sewing the wrong seams together in the crotch; instead of sewing up the legs I sewed across the legs and it took some time for me to figure out what I had done wrong!

julie m

my biggest blooper seems to happen every once in a while...i get a very nice card almost done and then decide to try something new and mess it up. but, i learn a lot this way...mostly to try to remember to try new things on a separate sheet and add them to the card if they work


sewing wrong sides together is a big one. also dropping stitches while knitting (I STILL don't understand how to fix them). I guess those are my big two.

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