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December 12, 2008



I rarely make more than one of an item....even when I try very hard to make more..I have trouble....they don't turn out the same at all....I like too much of a variety to make a bunch of a single item.


I do both. For people close to me, I individualize the gift and for people that I work with or professors, I'll make the same gift, but personalize it a bit.

kathleen m

I used to make a lot of the same -- but this year everyone is getting something very different.


I used to make every Christmas card different, but now I make groups of 8-10 the same, then change the design.

Linda Morgan

I make the same thing but each one is a little different.


I usually pick a new project each year, but individualize it with different image themes.

Jeanne Louise

I do both. This year I'm making rosaries for 3 of my nieces (all born within the past year) and for my brother-in-law, who converted this year. Co-workers also get the same gifts. But other family members will get unique ones, fitting their personality.

julie m

I usually make everything different. Some things start out the same but they always end up different from the previous one. I just can't resist trying different things.


I usually make the same Christmas card, although this year I did several different ones.

julie m

i seem to be incapable of making a lot of things alike so i don't even try anymore. i do sometimes use similar backgrounds but i make the embellishments based on who i to receive the gift.

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