Craftside: "C" is for CHA- Sweater Surgery Warm and Fuzzy Flowers from recycled wool sweaters
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January 20, 2009



I don't make flowers. I take a lot of pictures of flowers though. My favorites are poppies, lupines and cosmos.


Oh how I love these flowers. I just wish the sweaters I have been collecting were in pretty colors like the ones above. I will have to wait to make these when I get sweaters with prettier colors. My favorite flower to grow is the them!!!! But last Spring I planted a mix of seeds and some grew that I had no idea what they were. I did save some of the flowers and pressed them to make greeting cards with.

Sewing machines

Now I can do something with my old sweaters that I do not use anymore. Their absence in my closet will give me more space for other stuffs.

mother's day flowers

Looks fun to do,I will make a try to my old clothes to make it new again.


Flowers Philippines

I love those Fuzzy Flowers even if it's came from recycled wool sweater only it looks nice and beautiful. keep it up!


Pond Kits

Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing photos of your bounty! I think there are few joys greater than sitting down to a flowers that you started from seed months ago.

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