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February 06, 2009



Yes! I've made ATCs out of cereal boxes, and I know I've used candy wrappers on various cards, too. Just can't quite throw away the Hershey's Kiss tabs that says "Dark" or "Cherry" or... and wine labels are always good too.

wendy m.

Yup - I recycled pasta boxes to send mail art in (especially fun when the boxes have windows), and I've received stuff in Tazo tea boxes and those clear boxes that some things come packaged in.


All the time. I've even used the same packaging as you on some ATCs..loves my goldfish! some of the items used: tea bag wrappers, candy bars,dog food bags, foil from kisses or other candies wrapped in foils, bread bags, bread closure clip, cereal boxes, pasta boxes, and the list goes one. I have a file of JUST food packaging that I will eventually use.


These goldfish ATCs are awesome!!! I happen to have a giant box of those in my cabinet right now..... and I have to get cracking on my "E" post of the week, too!

Nancy K in WI

I adore your goldfish atc's. I like to recycle plastic,foils,cardboards, raw materials for diecuts. My favorite lately = using the inner foil package seals from coffee,vitamins, make diecut flowers/medalions in my bigshot and wizard diecut machines. Thanks for the other ideas everyone. Have a great weekend...we have sun & melting temps. today. Yay!


As a recycling junkie, I enjoy making ATC from all kinds of recycled materials. I like to create a background using magazine images and other paper ephemera, add some paint, then either print on top or add transfers or 3-D elements.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Your fishy-cracker ATC's are so very fun! What a fabulous idea to use the packaging like that. It has such a 'new world' feel to it as compared to all the 'old world' ephemera there is out there! Love it!

julie m

I like the Goldfish idea. The bag for the colored ones would be great for kids' cards. I have used a lot of bits and pieces of food packaging, including the crinkly foil from yogurt tops and smooth foil from chip and candy bags (both the colored side and the silver insides), all kinds of cardboard cartons, the cellophane from windows in the cartons and the net bags that fruits and veges sometimes come in.

Edelmira Rivera

Hi! I am starting to enter the world of ATC's and find this idea quite interesting. To answer your question... no, I haven't used anything like this but for sure I'd give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book and congratulations for such a great talent.

Nancy Allen

I haven't used food packaging in making ATCs but I've been thinking of using the cardboard from Puffs tissues as backgrounds - there are many beautiful colors and designs.

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