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February 06, 2009


Jennifer Conway

Yes! I use food packaging all the time! I never throw away cracker, or cereal boxes....I use them as my bases for paper artdolls. I love having a fancy, arty, finished front, and when you flip it over, you see the fruit-loops, or goldfish box that it's been made out of!. Today I just soaked off the label from a bottle of fish sauce...

Victoria Roberts

This is very clever. I'm glad to know and see that I'm not the only one who saves and uses the strangest things. ;-j


Not yet, but you gave me a great idea to experiment with. I have used wall paper before. This gives a lovely textured background for the atc's.


Youre atcs are really cute.i have never thought to use food packageing to make atcs.I would love to have the book.Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway.My blog address is e mail address is


Eunice Robertson

I'm amazed at how "crafty" you all are. I thought I kept all kinds of bits and pieces (my husband is always asking me why I am keeping a particular piece of junk), but men just don't understand, do they? You have all given me such a lot of new ideas. Thak you all!


This has got me thinking about ATCs and book covees using stitched fabric/Vilene etc. A whole different ball game, but equally fun.

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