Craftside: "F" is for Flora and Fauna from Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburns' new Book- In This Garden
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February 13, 2009



If as Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn hope to explore that gardens are a metaphor for peace, beauty, tranquility, reflection, and creativity perhaps we need less or no walls. Wouldn't this make for more collaborations, exploring and inspiration?


I'm a bit confused.... is it because the time of morning that it is? Or is it because I'm just not understanding what you are doing with 4 of the stencil cutouts.

You could use one of the pages as teeny tiny frames and have something different in each one of the spaces.

Rita Barriga

I would do a whole scrapbook on this stencil. My cover would have the whole design. Ever page after that I would cut out some of the design,to show the next page.
I hope this helps you.

wendy m.

Wow, you have a lot of patience to cut out all the bits of that stencil! It might be cool to layer very small=print papers behind them, allowing parts of the print to show through. Or if you cut them out of reasonably strong cardstock, you could attach charms to some of the thinner "bars" with large jump rings.


I pre-ordered this book and can't wait for it to arrive in April. I love Angela's and Sarah's work.


Well of course one wall is actually a trellis with a rose bush meandering it's way in and out. Another wall is a landscape plan for a labyrinth of hedges or herb garden.


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