Craftside: "F" is for "Forty" That is the number of Valentines I'm making for a Valentine Swap!
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February 10, 2009


Claudia Jane Cooper

I love the idea of keeping cards in altered books; I'm thinking of making one to keep favorite birthday?other occasion cards. Thanks for this!


My grade 3 teacher made every student make valentines for everyone else in the class. She made a bix "post box" where everyone could deposit their valentines to be handed out on the 14th. My most memorable is the one I received from a boy that read: "You've got the key to my heart" on the outside with a nice heart. The inside read: "but I used a combination lock".

Peggy Gatto

Thanks for this wonderful and useful lesson!!!
The most memorable valentine is the one my husband gave me....3 years in a row!!!

wendy m.

My most memorable Valentine's was the year my "boyfriend" gave me a box of chocolates at school, and then my arch-nemesis (who was very jealous) stole it from me. Of course, we were grade school, so . . .
Your card turned out great - very cool idea with the folding!


thakyou for the wonderful tutorial
my most memorable valentine was when my Husband found the cutest stuffed monkey that danced and sang and he put a rose in the monkeys arms Hes always finding me such fun and unique gifts


No memorable things to mention, just wanted to comment! I love those valentine's that you made, and what a great swap idea! I may have to initiate one next year myself.... I'll be turning 40 this year, too.. that's an ambitious # of cards to make!

Lisa Sonora Beam

I can't wait to see you this Sunday at the Valentine Tea -- it is sure to rank as one of your most memorable valentine experiences.

Wondering if you would bring the journal along that you show here. Would love to take a peek in person. Looks like a great project.

My most memorable valentine experience: last Sunday Carol Parks hosted a small Valentine art salon. She made up giant valises full of valentine ephemera for us to play with.

I sat there for an hour just watching everyone's expressions as they opened and unpacked their treasures. That was pure magic and delight!

Posted a few pics on my blog, here:

julie m

My first valentine exchange in grade school. We all decorated a shoe box with a slot on top and set them on a table where others could insert their valentine deliveries. The idea of putting the card in the altered book is stellar.


One of my most memorable Valentine's Day was when I was in grade school and we would decorate our boxes with ribbon, buttons, glitter, drawings, magazine pictures or whatever we had around the house. I looked forward to it each year during my grade school years. And hated it when my Grandsons didn't did it at their school.

Love the idea of saving cards in an altered book....


In first grade I had a very strict teacher and a major crush on a boy named Jon. Another John in the class didn't bathe regularly.

A note was sent home with Valentine distribution instructions. We all made construction paper heart pockets, which were lined up against the blackboard in completely random order. You were to sign your name only and drop one Valentine in a pocket, and NO ONE was allowed to give an individual Valentine, not even to the teacher.

In my packet of Valentine's was one with a little girl in the bathtub, and I told my mom that maybe if I gave it to the dirty kid, he'd get the idea. And, of course, I had to have a special one for my "boyfriend." My mom told me it was a bad idea, but I was determined.

On Valentine's Day, my heart was pounding as I twice retraced my steps to deliver the special Valentine's. Don't even know how I knew where were the specials since they couldn't have anything written on the outside. All of a sudden, the teacher came up to me and said, "You wouldn't be giving special Valentine's, would you?"


"Um, no." I don't know why she believed me; I'm sure I looked guiltier than Bernie Madoff, but she let it go and I kept walking down the line....

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