Craftside: "H" is for Hem, a cuffed one from the new book, Singer® Perfect Plus
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February 27, 2009


Sewing machines

This is great! Plus-size women will appreciate this.


I'm so short (and have a waist; and a butt), I really *should* hem my store-bought pants, but I'm lazy. So they drag along the ground, despite my 4" heels. Sad, no?!

Carole Walsh

Perfect Plus sounds like a great book I would love to have. However, I am retired and on a very fixed income so just can't cut the price. It would be great if I could win a free copy. Thanks - I will keep my fingers crossed. Carole


I'm not the sewer in the family, but my daughter does a lot of clothing alterations. I'm all for reuse and recycling - unique and green

Lynda Taylor

I always have to take up my bought trousers.
I am short and cuddly so I am not built like the Amazon Goddess the stores think every size 24 woman is. I do only basic hems though, no cuffs and never done to capri length, that is too difficult so far.
I would love to be able to sew better. hint hint.

wendy m.

I don't make my own pants 'cuz I mostly live in jeans. But I did try, a long time ago, to make a pair of shorts, and somehow sewed the crotch seam up wrong. Fortunately, it was cheap fabric, so I wasn't out too much, and I got a good laugh out of it.


I would love to win a copy. Singer Perfect Plus looks awesome & really fills a need. I wish I'd seen it earlier this week.

Tuesday afternoon, I spent over an hour at the fabric store looking at plus sized patterns, hoping to find a few to use to make my spring/summer clothes. I walked away with a pattern for a new handbag, but none for clothes. It's very frustrating! Everything seems to be designed for women who are plus-sized and tall or the patterns are matronly.

The pictures on the cover of the book are really lovely & I would be thrilled to sew any (or all) of them.

stacy d

This is great! I have the hardest time fitting clothes to myself my body shape is weird and usually I end up having to make a much larger size than needed then altering it down as I finish.

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