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March 05, 2009



I like including text, a word or phrase, into my work. The text is intended to lead the viewer into directions where the image itself may not.


Your bead is lovely. I bought that same book because I specifically wanted to make the "cube" bead on page 92. Imagine my surprise when I found that there weren't any directions for that one. Do you have any idea where to find instructions for folding that cube?


I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I use skulls. A LOT. At first it was for the shock effect, but when they became so commonplace as to find them at Target (and places like Hot Topic popped up, obviating my need to craft things skully), I figgered maybe I should taper off my skull mania.

julie m

I like using flower stickers to dress up the inside and back of cards. Just one or two here and there to break up the monotony of otherwise blank cardstock.


I've been very into mandalas lately and try to incorporate them into any project I make.

Lynda Taylor

I am a more random type person. If I am making jewelery or art for a particular person I choose something that suits them. But if I am just crafting I go where the flow goes.

Jenn Mason

Hi, Jenn Mason here! Author of Altered Paper Jewelry.
This message is especially for LindaM. The necklace on page 92 is actually part of our inspiration gallery. These gallery pieces were meant for inspiration. Many of the artists make a living selling their altered paper jewelry so their techniques are sort of like their "trade secrets". BUT, I can tell you it is a modified Jacob's ladder and if you go to you'll see a little hint at how to do it!

Stop by my new website, dedicated to helping you live more creatively every day!


Love this post, paper's always been a favorite medium to work with, especially since it was the first thing I could ever afford to make and play with as a kid.
As far as images or topics that always pop up in my work - I'd have to say swirls. They make their way into my stitching or drawing a lot of the time. I also adore houses and trees but haven't worked with them in a while.


Stones or rocks are a recurring theme in my work. I love nature and like the play of rocks included with my sculptures.
Handmade papers offer a wonderful texture to the paper beads!!


I'm pretty random. But some of the more recent reoccurring items are flourishes and birds. Unless I am creating for a particular person then I use colors or items that they prefer or present who they are.

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