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March 06, 2009


julie m

I have a quilt made by my Grandmother. She died from cancer when I was 4. I was lucky enough to survive bouts of cancer because of the better detection and treatment available. The quilt was always one of my favorite possessions. It gives me a tie to a Grandmother I didn't have a chance to know.


My grandmother's quilt is with me now and on a guest room bed. Althought it is not very old, (about 1920s-1930s judging by the fabrics), it had a lot of usage and has an over sewn 8"edging to cover and protect the worn edges. This was done by my mother and makes the quilt still usable and probably washable although I think I'll have it dry cleaned when it needs it.

It gives me joy to know I have this link with my grandmother. It will go to one of my nieces on my death.


My mother was a quiltmaker and quilts always remind me of her. I love quilts but couldn't sew a straight line to save my life. So I recently made a series of collage quilts in her memory, without sewing a stitch.

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