Craftside: "I" is for Interview with Garth Johnson author of 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse
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March 04, 2009



Do you ever work with recycled materials?
Yes, in fact I submitted work for the 1000 ideas book. I enjoy the challenge as well as the green aspects. I have organized an art event of work made from recycled materials It's amazing how artists find beautiful ways of reusing materials.

Lynda Taylor

Do you have a collection of anything?
I have a collection of Barbie dolls. I have new still in packages as well as old, over 40, dolls. I only ever buy what appeals to me at the time. I also have lots of nekid dolls that I plan to make outfits for.

julie m

Do you ever work with recycled materials?
I am always saving plastic and metal pieces and picking up stuff from parking lots, etc. It may take a while but I usually find a place for the stuff in a mache piece or collage.

wendy m.

What music do you listen to when designing (well, making art for me)?
Either Rice University radio (there's no telling what you might wind up hearing on that station) or Pandora on the internet. But there has to be music on while I'm working - no TV (too distracting) and silence is just, well, boring!
Love the book concept!


11. How do you determine what a design is going to be made with?

First I get my general idea of what I want to create, then I grabs tons of items that relate to the subject. Much, much more than I need. Then I play with everything until I find something I like. The I have tons of stuff to put away...again.

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