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March 10, 2009



oh my gosh Stef!

Thank you so very much for sharing the info about Squam at Craftside--- we are thrilled with the teachers who will be on hand this year and are looking forward to a truly wonderful gathering that is all about knitting, sewing, creating and having fun!

all the very best, Elizabeth


Where do you take classes and workshops?
I have taken classes in my hometown but have also travelled to others.

Do you travel far?
To one I have to drive an hour, take a ferry and then another 3 hour drive to get there.

How do you hear about them?
Other artists sometimes, or saw something on the website of artists I admire.

What's been your favorite and why?
One I've gone to regularly for about 5 years, requires the ferry and 4 hours of driving. It's a weekend getaway. A bunch of artists friends drive with me so it gives us lots of time to catch up. The weekend takes place at a small seaside resort and consists of demos and lectures by some of western Canada's top artists. It is very informal where "Artists" and "artists" dine and relax after the days demos and lectures. I look forward to it every year.


Where do you take classes and workshops?

--I have never taken a class or workshop boo-hoo!

Do you travel far?

--does not apply

How do you hear about them?

--I hear about them on the internet, via friends, or in my magazines all the time

What's been your favorite and why?

--Since I have never been, I don't have a favorite. Again, boo-hoo living in the boonies just isn't fair! :-)

Nona Parry

Where do you take classes and workshops?
I take classes & workshops in and around LA in the US. I especially love Zinnia, and try to take as many Kelly Kilmer classes as I can!

Do you travel far?
You bet! I come all the way from New Zealand to take classes, about once a year.

How do you hear about them?
I get newsletters from various shops and instructors, hear about some in the yahoo art groups I belong to, and get emailed by friends about others.

What's been your favorite and why?
So far my fave class ever was Kelly Kilmer's Altered Photographs. It was wildly experimental for me, and I achieved truly unusual results! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Nona, in New Zealand


Here in England I only have to travel 30 or so miles for good day courses, and sometimes less far. I've not yet been on a residential course, but would obviously be prepared to go considerably further for that.

I learn about them through my membership of craft guilds, South Nottingham College and am on several tutors mailing lists which keep me informed.

My favorite day classes have been by Alison Midgelow Marsden. I am always inspired and learn new and innovative techniques from her.

Lisa Sonora Beam

Thanks so much for sharing what you did with the mini-journal exercise.

Since you mention favorite places to do workshops, I'd have to say, hands down, Carol Parks' NoHo Studio (that North Hollywood, CA!).
I'm teaching there the last weekend in March, and I'll be diving in to mini-journals and other fantastic ways to create PowerFULL Visual Journals that help you problem-solve, break creative blocks, test ideas, and more!

Here is the class info:

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

STEF.. YOu are AWESOME!!! Thanks SO SO MUCH for sharing information on Squam with your readers.

I am BEYOND EXCITED to be teaching there in June... would LOVE TO HAVE YOU COME... Think about it!


Laura K

I so love the mini journal idea. Thanks for sharing this book and idea. Right now I can't afford to pay for classes. I look on youtube, blogs and yahoo groups.

wendy m.

I used to take a lot of classes at a local stamp store that is sadly no longer open. I don't have the time to travel to classes, although I would love to be able to go to some of the weekend retreats that are offered around the country. But I have been taking some awesome online classes that have been almost as good as being in the classroom itself.
I love the mini journal idea from the book!

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