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March 20, 2009



I probably won't be starting anything new. Unfortunately, the making of art is only part of the process. I need to organize and frame some artwork for a show.


I'm finishing a LOVELY baby sweater - the pattern was found on line and I really think it's going to be my new favorite ( - quick, easy and SUPER cute. Then I'm going to start a bonnet to go with it ( I have 3 babies coming up this summer (not MINE, thank the gods), and I'd forgotten how quick and satisfying a baby knit can be.

Lynda Taylor

I would love to be starting something new, but I want to finish up a comfort shawl I am making. It is going to be distributed to bushfire victims relief.


More than likely I won't make anything as the doc yesterday put both hands ion braces, and since I had them off to wash my face, I figured I would get online for just 10 minutes and do what I could. I'm un-able to create with these on, so will probably just read through some of my crafting books or magazines.


I am starting to design a quilt which will be entered at a US show. It has to be there before the end of April so I better hurry :-)

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