Craftside: "L" is for Lawn and my clay pot Hedgehog named Spike hiding out there!
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March 24, 2009



made a card for a friend with paper, scissors, glue and a felt pen


Most of my crafts are low tech/simple (other than researching ideas/patterns/etc. off the i-net). My latest HUGE one was my 5th grader's report (yeah, I know, *she* should have been the one to do all the work, but...)

Poster board and crayons, baby!


Today I made paperdoll chains and pasted on the faces of friends for a journaling project. paper, scissors and glue!

julie m

Love the critters. My latest low tech was taking a dollar store tin pot and zapping it with some shiny metallic paints. Looks great now.


Your hedge hog is so cute. Crocheting simple nest for birds would be my low tech and very relaxing projects as of late.

wendy m.

Hmm, low tech - guess that would have to be the paper wrapped tin cans I whipped up a few weeks ago for storage in my craft room - I have too many pens and pencils!

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