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April 16, 2009



i am intrigued by collaborative projects, but i won't participate in one. if there is only one, who gets to keep the final piece? what if i hate the style of another person? i guess i still need alot of control over my art pieces. now, atc "jams" might be different. i have the same concern about someone else's style, but because the art is so small, i wouldn't have much of problem letting it go. also, a jam consists of 3 cards, so i get one back that should resemble the others.


Wow, I just saw this and checked it out. what collab have I been a part of? How about this book. Darlene, Val and I (Gail Pierce)are on pgs 56-57. (thanks for the tut on barbed wire that led me here. The card you did barbed wire on is great!)


I have created limited copies of pages that were incorporated and bound together with each participant receiving a copy.

Have always wanted to take part in a collaborative journal. But I agree, who gets to keep the end product.


Wow. Those are gorgeous. And I love the "rattle the cage" mentality!

I've knitted squares (of my own design!) that were sewn into afghans for a knitfriend... does that count as collaborative art? :)


This is such a neat idea. I like tip-in swaps. People sign up with the theme they want for their pages, and everyone on the list makes a 2 page layout for everyone else on the list in the theme they have chosen. That way everyone gets a book and it will be something they will like.


I have done several "fat book" swaps but no true collaborative books that are set up like round robins. I am intrigued by the process and would love to start my own group so this book would be right up my alley!!


The sneak peek caught my attention! I have participated in altered book round robins where everyone starts a book, the books get passed around, and everyone get's their book back filled with other people's art. I have several and love to look through them again and again.

I can't wait for this new book to be released!

Anita Van Hal

I'm currently participating in an international round robin art journal...there are 14 of us, we all chose a theme, and we create a two-page spread in each others' journals...we're only on round 4 but so far it's so much fun, especially getting to know people from other countries...I'd love to do collaboration for a quilt or something someday...can't wait to get my hands on your new book...

Lynda Taylor

The book looks amazing. I would love to be able to do something like that.
I have never participated in collaborative projects but I may be willing in the future.

wendy m.

I can't wait for this book to come out - thank you for the sneak peek (is it June yet??).
I've participated in several altered book round robins, as well as many of the "fatbook" swaps. I also did an artbook swap between myself and one other artist that turned out quite nice. We sent the book back and forth for several months.

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