Craftside: Pop Art Crocheted roll of toilet paper cozy cover
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April 28, 2009



I think surreal could have worked. You could take a page from Rene Magritte and called your cozy "Ceci n'est pas papier hygiénique"


Speaking of Dada....just announced on Amazon...a brand new book (pubbing in 10/09)called Who's Your DADA?: Redefining the Doll through Mixed Media
by Linda O'Brien and Opie O'Brien.
Stef...this will provide you with plenty of inspiration this Fall!


Do people actually use toilet paper covers?

I once was gifted lots of upholsery samples. I thought it would be really "green" to find unique use for them, besides the typical pillow covers. On the drive home with my new stash, I designed a simple cap-type hat, similar to gandhi's that could be made from on single sample or at most two coordinated samples. By the time I got home, I'd figured it out so all I had to do was cut out the fabric and sew.


Ah, shoot. You have touched on the bane of my existence. I've had many such conversations (mostly with myself), start thinking about a project, planning it in my head, have it all mapped out by the time I get home, and *POOF*. Gone. The barrage of bodies and questions and stories and mundane requests like a tsunami just obliterates all my profound thoughts. I really have to start writing this stuff down.

LOVE your cozy; with the tute from Yarn Cocktails, I might just have enough to fumble my way through it!


I love it. Just the right mix of ridiculous and practical. Brava.

Jenny Jones

Grandmom's toilet lid will never be the same. I love it.

wendy m.

Very clever work of pop art! The one thing I remember most about going to the art museum here in Houston as a child - the big soft sculpture of a fan by Oldenburg.

Heather "Hev"

How fabulous is that!!!

If I could crochet Id be making a load LOL

Katriska Francis

Heheh that's funny. I did have a "wouldn't it be cool if there was....." conversation and it just happen to deal with crochet like yours. One of my best friends announced that she was getting married and invited us to her bachelorette party. Well my sister, making fun of me, asking wouldn't it be cool if I could crochet her a cock-n-ball pillow as a gag gift. The funniest thing happened. I was searching some picture of my crochet groups finished objects and whaddaya know, one of them actually created a cock-n-ball pillow. I immediately contacted her for the pattern and I made it. Oh it was a hit at the bachelorette party. I used fun fur for the hair and brown acrylic yarn for the pillow. I wish I had a picture of the look on her face.


I love it, way better then the creep crochet doll toilet covers that my nan used to make.

I had a friend once who said he wished he a sock monkey so I told him I could make him one. Then he said what would be cooler would be a sock monkey crossed with a lobster. So I made him a sock monkey that had a removable lobster suit. He had little lobster claw mittens, and a lobster hat and a removable lobster tail. The friend loved it.

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