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April 22, 2009


Pat Upton

I have tried to make my art a bit more green but re-purposing items from around the house, re-using failed art attempts, but Lord knows that I haven't been able to reduce anything! I would love to win a book!
pat upton


Yes, I have. I visit flea markets, I take of buttons, ribbons, zippers etc. of clothes before throwing away if they're beyond repair, I buy second hand craft items, I reuse containers etc. for storage and I also try to find tips for going green in crafting that I share at Norway's biggest rubberstamps discussion board: :)


So, why did you use parchment? Was it b/c that's what you had available, or is that preferred? Just curious, since I have neither at home.

As for being more green, I'm disparately trying to reduce. I've got so much STUFF at home and am way too tempted by the i-net ... I'm getting better, tho.

Ingrid Tiffe

I repurpose practically every type of packaging anymore. Though once you start stashing it away in a drawer in your studio it becomes obvious how many things have excess packaging. So it has changed many of my buying habits also.


Both books sound not only "green" but really useful.

I try to include "green" materials whenever I can. I found a paper distributor who let me have their offcuts. I then designed books in sizes to maximize using the papers. I then got end cuts of matte board and made the book covers. With the really small paper ends, I pulped them to make new "recycled" paper which I cast into shapes using molds.

Judy Alexander

I am amazed at the amount of stuff I have accumulated and am now in the process of using what I have in my stash. I also find myself recycling such things as candy wrappers, mesh and plastic bags.


I reuse everything I can in my art, junk mail, paper scraps, wrappers, bags, etc. I also reuse packaging, I trade books or borrow them. I buy used when I can, I use cloth shopping bags & cloth diapers on my son. I make my own household cleaners. I try to live as green as possible. HAPPY EARTH DAY!


I have started making projects that use the items I already have at home, basically using supplies instead of hoarding them!

I also took a bunch of fabric I won't ever use and made re-usable totes for my friends.

I'm also asking friends to "contribute" what they would consider to be trash but I would see as art in the making. You'd be surprised at some of the stuff I've received.


i recycle paper that i can't use. i save bits of paper and fabric so that i can use it in a project. i use recycled items in my assemblage. i am not aware of where my art materials come from, and i would like to see some links for this.


I help to recycle the redundant printer paper from college by re-using it.

I also source a high proportion of my craft materials from thrift shops, or craft recyling centres when working with children.

A good source of textile materials is Freecycle or rummage sales.

It all keeps things out of landfills and helps athose on a limited bidget.

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