Craftside: Embroidered Barbed Wire ATC using a backstitch how to from the book: Greeting Cards In Stitches
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April 15, 2009



i thought about mending clothes...nah! i have sewn a snap (like in sewing) to a card. the wacky part is that i did it, AND i avoided having to sew by hand!

Martha Crutchfield

I am being careful to stitch a piece I cut off from a coke can. I drew a pattern first and then punched small holes to pull a needle through the coke can. I haven't decided which thread would be the best yet.


Very cool! At first I thought you were attaching real barbed wire - I had to look close to see it was stitched!
Wackiest thing I have stitched - I not much of a wacky stitcher, I guess my answer would have to be stitching paper together on a card. Not really wacky, I know, but at the time it was!


The barbed wire stitching is great. You really have to look twice to see it.

As for wacky stitching. I have stitched window screen to the side of a dog run fence to make it mosquito proof! I've also stitched window screen to the grill of my front gate to keep bugs out of the house if the front door is open!


Love your barbed wire stitching. Very neat idea. I've done all kinds of embroidery stuff. I don't consider anything I do whacky... But I guess the most different for me was layering all kinds of fibers on scrap cardstock, to cut up into pieces for cards and ATC's, and tacking them down with glue and embellishing with stitching.

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