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April 29, 2009


julie m

My mother reads a lot so I am making her a card that holds a handmade bookmark.


Postcards may not seem like much to send for Mother's Day, but when you make one out of fabric... My mother loves them! The little dress pattern would be perfect for one.

Lynda Taylor

This year I have been unable to make something for my mother, but I did purchase a wonderful hand carved soap that looks like a rose from a local market. She does an amazing job.
It may not be my handmade but mum is still getting handmade.


i will be making my mom a special card, and, hopefully, i will make a set of cards and a re-usable card pouch in which to store them. i am thinking about making them in a dress shape.


I wish I still had a mother to make something for, but I'll be sending her creative thoughts.

Lila Schmidt

I am working on a 4 x 4 collage piece. Of course cardboard is base and then I am taking some lovely sections off a paper towel roll that has a theme of Mothers and decopauging it to the cardboard and then embellishing it.


I am making a tote bag


I'm with Janet. :) In honor of M's Day (and just about every other day!), I vow to spend a good amount of time just sittin' and knittin'.

Love your dresses; I better not show my 10 y/o or those would be alllll over the house!


I'm just making a paper box to put the bracelet I bought for my Mom on my last trip.


I made an art quilt w/a baby picture of my mom on it

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