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April 14, 2009



I like to offer various price points to perspective buyers. For smaller pieces, I've cut my own mattes and put into clear plastic sleeves. For large pieces, I've cut the mattes and purchased the glass and frames. For some series, I had them framed professionally so they'd all come out the same.

The only time I've cut acrylic was with a power saw. I didn't even know there was a cutting tool. Looks like a better method.

julie m

I usually just coat the 3D stuff with polyurethane or something similar. If it needs a frame I get a cheap one and alter it. I did my first acrylic cutting last week. I made 3 cuts---two were straight and the third was just a little bit off. Will be okay for a book cover though.


If I'm making something as a gift, I'll have it professionally framed. I'll do the same if I've made something that's heirloom quality. Otherwise, I usually doctor up a dollar store frame and make it part of the piece itself.

And I have no idea how to cut acrylic. Heck, I don't even know where to buy it! LOL!


Some of my art is protected with sealers, glass, etc... and some is not (art quilts).

I have not tried making my own frames yet so I purchase ready made frames and then cut mats to fit the object I am wanting to frame. I also "frame" some stuff unconventionally with fabric or other materials.

I have only cut one piece of acrylic, and it actually worked to my amazement!!

Ellen, aka Singtatter

I usually keep my laces and cards with acid-free papers in acid-free protectors. I hardly frame them up, saved for only 1 piece (a tatted camel), which I usef a bought 3D wooden picture frame, and I used acid-free cards for the background.

I know the "theory" how to cut acrylic, though I have not cut any so far!

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