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April 01, 2009



I can't say that I have yet, but you and the book have given me inspiration to begin.


I've done many a journal, artist book, scrapbooking on my family tree. My last art series was a collage series about my mother, the one beforethat was an assemblage series a dedication for my daughter's wedding.

Diane Matheson

Definately crafts run in our family. My Aunty Sadie (now 96) did beautiful needlework and I have several lovely large embroidered tablescloths. She inspired me to learn embroidery at about age 12. I've not stopped doing some kind of craft since. I have two daughters, now 35 & 37, one who scrapbooks and the other knits and sews. Both girls when they were younger helped their grandmother and me with macrame, halloween costumes, beading, and dolls clothes. I have a 6 year old grandson and he's into cake decorating (one of my hobbies). So, I think that it's definitely in our genes! Now I'm just waiting for my 6 month old grand daughter to grow up a little bit so I can start her on the handicraft journey!


My mom has very fond memories of the hand crocheted doilies that her grandmother had on every table surface in her home. A few years back, my mom started making her own collection. My mom crochets at an expert level. I do not; however, seeing her beautiful doilies has inspired me to learn to crochet. During her last visit, I crocheted my first ever rag rug, which intrigued my daughter enough that she wants to help with the next one.

Lynda Taylor

Both my mother and grandmother did crafts such as knitting and sewing. Embroidery also was a favourite. In fact both my girls used pillow slips my grandmother had made and embroidered. And she had passes before I was even married, so it was a lovely momento of her.

To keep the crafts going, I have taught both my girls to knit and stitch tapestries so far. They are both into scrapbooking and now we are moving into other mixed media crafts.


No such craft legacy in our family, but I'm hoping to change that with my daughter - she's already learned to knit and has an appreciation for all things glue-gun, fabric and marker-related. :)

How incredibly cute are you?! And your 2nd cousins, too.


My grandmother did tatting, my mom and my sister knit, but I'm more interested in paper crafts. However, I have managed to infect both of them with the rubber stamping bug!

Tammy Kushnir

Hi! I am the author of the book and I first of all want to thank you for mentioning it. I am glad you liked it! That was my favorite project too!!!! I love your take on it with the Easter eggs!!! Simply adorable!!!!

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