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April 08, 2009



Favorite style that I try to emulate would be contemporary with a hint of baroque. Not sure if I'm succeeding.


Awesome wire bead ball! Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to try making it.

danna fryer

I like old world themes. I think the jewelry from those days are very elegant and challenging. I hope to one day master that look. Right now i just use it for inspiration. HUGS Danna


I think my favorite art/craft style changes at least daily. How can you choose? Folk, baroque, modern, gothic, neo-gothic, art deco, etruscan - TOO MANY CHOICES. :)

Billie Sanchez AKA Wicked Oak Designs

I love Art Deco. I have found I can translate into my beadwork using shapes and vivid colors.


It's very hard to come up with my "favorite" style, but right now I'm gravitating back & forth between Victorian/Art Deco/Nouveau elegance and Rustic/Natural Materials/Found Objects. I even enjoy mixing the two together!


I use a variety of styles but I would have to say that contemporary is the most predominant.


This blog is totally amazing I learned a lot of things when it comes to good and cute design of handicrafts.

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