Craftside: "N" is for Nifty Easter Greeting Card Inspired by a few from The Book: 1000 Handmade Greetings
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April 09, 2009


Lynda Taylor

That book looks wonderful and I love your card.
We are simplifying this year and the girls are just going to paint our eggs this year.

Angie Platten

I'm excited to see this book getting good reviews as I have two pieces in it! My first book publication so I want the book to be a success! Your cards are darling!


the only eggs we're having this year are chocolate-covered varieties. no trim necessary.


Those cards are too cute!
And I LOVE the hello kitty die cutter. I've never seen one!


The book looks like a wonderful addition to a craft library....I love what I see on the cover.

Question: Since my Grandsons are teen and tween....we didn't do any eggs this year. :-(


I'm Greek Orthodox and our Easter is on April 19th and we will be going traditional and dyeing our eggs scarlet red. (that's for the reals eggs!)

As for faux eggs, I plan to take some wooden eggs and cover them with tissue and other ephemera and painting them with washes of bright colors so I can display them in a clear glass bowl every year.

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