Craftside: "N" is for the New Book: Amigurumi Knits: Patterns for 20 Cute Mini Knits by Hansi Singh
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April 07, 2009



This is a great looking book...not the usual Amigurumi patterns you see out there. Thanks for the link!

As for crafting from scratch...that depends. I am currently making a baby sweater for my boss' new daughter, and wanted to make something for his two-y-o son as well to celebrate becoming a big brother. I was originally planning on making a knitted or crocheted baby, and then making a matching baby sweater and a diaper so that the son had a baby to take care of as well.

Well...I stalled out on the knitted/crocheted the other day I was in a store and was browsing through the toy section to see if there was something else I might be able to do for him. I found one of those sock monkey I purchased that and have made a sweater for the sock monkey, and will make a diaper tonight. Although I usually make things from scratch...sometimes it works better to actually get stuff accomplished when you start with something pre-made and just add on to it.

Michelle M.

I LOVE your jackalope, too adorable!!! I am going to give the eggs a go too. Thanks for sharing.

I try my hardest to craft from scratch but it usually ends up with me getting frustrated. I guess it happens because it ends up not being what I really imagined. To remedy my frustration I find altering a store bought item/pattern is the way for me. I never seem to run out of ideas for changing/morphing things. Call be Dr. Frankencraft, eh? ;)


I like to craft from scratch. No matter what I do, be it cooking or knitting, I never seem to be able to follow the instructions exactly. And sometimes a dollar store item screams to be personalized.

julie m

I usually craft from scratch. I have bought some items with the idea of altering them but still haven't done it. Always end up putting them back and getting out the paints, markers, stamps or whatever.


Oh, GEEZ, that's cute. FINALLY, a book of knitted ami-g. There are tons of funky/cute crochet patterns out there, but all I've seen knitted are the standard doll/bunny/sock monkey (with a few exceptions). And my goodness, what a sense of humor these patterns have!

I usually start from scratch (and end up there, too). Like Julie M, I often get big ideas of altering, but they never quite pan out. :) Of course, I also regard patterns as "suggestions".


I don't know how to knit, but those adorable patterns make me want to learn!

I'm just as likely to embellish as make something from scratch. I look at things and just know they could be "better" with a little glitter and off I go again...

Lynda Taylor

I adore that book.
I love that it is for knits as I don't crochet that well.

As for the question I do both. I like to start from scratch with my own ideas but sometimes it is just easier to alter store items such as photo frames.

Nancy B

I love to knit and crochet little "critters" and this book looks amazing. I've even started to try my hand at creating my own knit and crochet animals - however, I do them "free-style" and don't create a pattern, so they all end up as one-of-a-kind's whether they turn out successful or not. There are some adorable ideas in this book!

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