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May 22, 2009



Totally one of those "I can do that!" moments - My girlfriend decided to have a hen party, and she would teach us to crochet one of those long, skinny scarves that was all the rage (this was 4 or 5 years ago). The lumpy, hideous acrylic scarf has long been retired, but the love of crafting was renewed and heightened because of that one auspicious occasion. Since then, the innerwebs has only heightened my visceral reaction to seeing what others are doing - I CAN DO THAT!!!


Ah, you sound so much like me! I'm always trying something new, and I have a hard time staying with one medium, but I'm starting to realize that's just how I am. I can't limit myself!

Ellen, aka Singtatter

I like to try new things whenever there is an opportunity, but most of the times, the interest will not sustain, partly because time is limited. I like to see myself improving and going for breakthrough. This drives me to advance myself learning more and deeper into the craft I really like.

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