Craftside: How to needle felt a bird from the super cute book: Wool Pets by Laurie Sharp
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May 01, 2009



The one things I wish I had is 'time'. Never enough of it to do all of the ideas that are rambling around in my head.


Oh, man. I agree with both you and Janet - Space and Time. I have neither. But I do have a needle felting kit that cost me a pretty penny that's been shoved unceremoniously to the back of my cabinet... For the last 2 years!


What I would like to have is my own sheep so I would have lots of ready available wool for my needle felting projects . It would be like hitting oil LOL


As everyone a way to needle felt some extra time and all the wool (colors and types) you can imagine so that as soon as an idea pops into my head I just have to take out the correct wool and start felting.

Barbara Vanselow

Time is what I am always wishing for and right now I wish I had a dapping block. Stones make a poor substituts.

Lynda Taylor

I am with you all here, it seems I never have enough time or space. And to have your stash of wool would also be fun but I would love a needle felting machine. THAT would be great.


I need more discipline and focus to clear up some space and then to take the time to be creative.I'm sure if I allocated a period of time everyday that was sacrosanct I could do a lot more. I know this, but then I allow other things and othere people get between me and my creative work.


Love those birds, they're so cute - maybe it's springtime, but I've been working on sewing birds lately, too!

As far as tool or "thing" - I think storage space would be my first answer - a nice huge closet where everything could be organized & in clear view would be the most helpful thing to me.
For a tool - I would love a long arm quilting machine to finish off a quilt I've been working on for years, but honestly, probably wouldn't use it again after that one is done.

sherri s.

Have to second (third, fourth, etc.) the need for SPACE! I'm making some things for a charity fundraiser and every surface (dining room table, floor, ironing board) is filled with fabric, buttons, etc. Ack! I have a sweet and understanding husband, thank goodness! I drool over the pix of craft rooms I see on other blogs. Sigh.


Those birdies are adorable! I have a friend who needle felts and it amazes me!

Right now I wish I had an electric or side winding skein winder to reskein all my dyed yarn. However, once I get that done, it'll be something else I wish I had . Time and space are always wishes, but I like to be challenged ;)

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