Craftside: How to weave an eyeglass case from fabric and a potholder from t-shirt sleeves
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May 06, 2009


Lorraine R

As a kid, some of the favorite things I did:
Glass "bits" collage
Seed Bead bracelets

As an adult my favorite crafts:
Stained Glass (oh, see, the glass...thing)
Christmas Ornaments
Food Gifts (like GIAJ)

Really like your crafts!! Happy Crafting!


Actually, other than fingerpainting/coloring, I don't think I crafted much as a kid. It's true what they say - it's never too late to have a good childhood (even if I start at 45...)


As a kid I liked to make my little sister clothing out of anything I could find. I also made lots & lots of bracelets. I have recently just gotten back into crafting, in a big way. I enjoy making books, altering books, ATC's, inchies, embroidery, stamping & so much more!

Ellen, aka Singtatter

As a child, I remembered doing some of my school craft projects and school charity projects with my grandma, things like simple cross-stitch and crochet, sewing hand-puppets, crepe paper roses.

When I first started working can to pay for lessons, I have dabbled in a lot more like parchment paper laces, hardanger, stumpwork, pressed flowers, folk art painting, pottery and a lot more, often than not, only creating a one piece work. Until I came across tatting, and now I mainly tat and lately, creating ATCs with my tatted laces and motifs.


LOVE that book! I told my kids I picked it up for them to use with their small looms - but I think I want to make the eyeglass case for myself.
I'm doing the same things I did as a kid - knitting, sewing (doll clothes still!) - paper crafting. Now I just do it with LOTS of supplies, when I was little it was all salvaged materials.


my taught me to crochet and knit when i was five. i drew, and i was very fascinated with lettering. mrs. jacobs, who was very old, brought her quilting when she babysat us. one time she brought some to share. i was about 5 or 6. now, i make atc's, cards and other paper arts. i also have enjoyed altering bottles and boxes, and i enjoy collecting stuff for assemblage. i have always been a collector of stuffs. i have a blue jay feather and a troll's robin hood hat with a disentigrating red feather from a very long time ago. i used one of those pot holder looms that were so popular in "ancient" times, and i did some weaving and tapestry in high school, but never really went very far with it. also, macrame...let's not mention that, though!


I had a Barbie Knitter when I was young and I liked it so much I recently bought me a new one that's a little bit bigger!!

I also used to paint simple acrylic pics and now I'm back to painting again but have graduated to simple watercolor. The key word is "simple" since I'm on a HUGE learning curve!!

julie m

I have always liked Native American art. As a kid I made headbands and small brooches on a bead loom. I tried it again recently but prefer stamping and mixed media now.

wendy m.

I have always been a paper "fiend" - I've collected it, hoarded it, and loved it all my life! The advent of scrapbooking just made it worse - all that lovely paper to buy and keep and look at ... at least now some of it winds up in my art journal and in my art!


The crafts I did as kid are crochet and cross stitch. I still do those now, but I'm really into knitting. I also do beadwork and quilting. Debbie

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