Craftside: Mosaics, The Art Of Reuse; I choose shells, both shotgun and ones from the sea
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May 08, 2009



I haven't tried mosaic work before, but we could use some stepping stones, so I could incorporate this idea of reuse in this mosaic manner. Thanks, I always love recycling/reuse and putting it into the garden is a real plus!


I love the idea and look of mosaics - that doll is *amazing* - but I don't think I have the patience or inclination for the craft. Just another I'll have to admire from afar. Shotgun and seashells? Brilliant!

Gayle Jones

I haven't done mosaics before, but i've always wanted to. I had a bunch of shells, plates, cups and other things saved up for just such a project. But when we moved out of my 5 bdrm home to a 2 bdrm apt., i had to get rid of most of it. I am now settled in again and hopefully will be able to do some mosaics.


to my recollection, i have never made a mosaic. i have seen wonderful samples out in the world, and i hope that it is something i can do someday.


I made traditional mosaics as a kid and as an adult I only made 2, headstones for my kitties using glass initials in the concrete.


I haven't done mosaics yet, but I do have a rather heavy box in the basement that is stuff I have been saving for making mosaics.

Some of it is traditional, small tiles, actual Italian mosaic glass bought at a mosaic store in Rome, but I also have cogs, pieces of metal, shells, interesting pieces of broken pottery and a swan head (a ceramic one but I don't remember where it came from). Hopefully this summer I will have time to do some.

Tracey Keen

I make mosaic garden art - CD's become dangles for trees or windows, hubcaps into outdoor wall features, worn out shoes are now beautiful ornaments. I'm always looking for new ideas and new items to recycle and beautify. Thank you for the great paving idea too. Must try & get one of those moulds - we don't have an Ikea here in NZ.

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