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May 12, 2009



Yes I have a sketchbook where I keep experiments, ideas and techniques (both the ones that worked and reasons for the ones that didn't).


Stef...your readers might also want to know that Craftside will also be giving away the little Craftside Sketchbook/Journals (we're calling them Makeready Journals--more on that later!)in the goody bags at Squam Art Workshops in June.

Barbara Hagerty

I usually have 4 or 5 sketchbooks going at a time. Some are designated for certain projects, some are doodle books, some are visual notebooks and some are journals, but all are full of sketches, ideas and notes. A few include paint and collage.

Jennifer Conway

Ha! I sketch on any little scrap piece of paper I can get my hands on.....gum wrappers, bank slips, napkins...all of it is supposed to be transfered into my "organized", and "dedicated to ideas" book!


I have a sketch book, matter of fact I have several sketch books. I have one on my night stand for when my creative mind wakens me during the night. Since I'm a doll maker it usually is a doll that I have to get out of my head and into a sketch. Sometimes it's fiber art, mixed medium, etc etc... After all I love to create lots of things. I have a couple of sketch books in my studio, in my car and a small notebook in my purse. A girl never knows when she will need to doodle a sketch or ideas. You have to put your thoughts in writing or drawing when they flow out of the mind.


I have sooo many sketch books. I start one and then I always forget to take it somewhere and so I end up buy another one. I think I have about 5 on the go right now. They have everything in them from quotes I might have heard that I find funny, to drawings of most anything. I just like to draw and doodle.


my sketchbook is a 2007 moleskine daybook. i bought about a dozen of them really cheap in 2008. and when i run out i'll buy the previous year's again. it's my way of using up and saving money.

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