Craftside: Sweater Surgery Is Featured in the Prattfolio, The Pratt Institute Magazine and to celebrate I have a Hello Kitty Eyeglass case made out of recycled sweaters
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May 14, 2009



At high school graduation I was voted the most likely to rewrite the Math 12 text book. I never pursued that, thankfully, and thus it never happened.

Diane Matheson

I went to school in England and there were no Year Books or "most likely to succeed" at the end of the year. It would have been fun though! The book looks very interesting especially since I have a pile of nice plain sweat shirts that have a little stain somewhere on the front because I wasn't using an apron during cooking. I kept them because I knew someone, somewhere would have some suggestions on how to recycle them into something useful. Thanks!


i wasn't popular enough to be voted for anything.... but, along the way, my mom and dad thought i would be an artist. at a young age i thought about being a librarian or a teacher. i thought about being a psychologist, social worker, graphic designer and teacher to people who actually WANTED to learn something from me...perhaps ART-related stuffs!!!!!! i will continue being an artist as i always have.

Karen K

Darn we didn't do that in my high school isn't that weird?? I was instead voted "sweethearts" with my boyfriend at the time.


I was unoffically voted most likely to fail my first semester in college away from home, by my friends, because my Mom was sooo strict while I was growing up. They figured I'd go so crazy after I got out of the house that all I would do was PARTY!!

Well, I did party, but I also came home with a 4.0 grade point average. Fooled them...


Was voted 'most athletic,' and went to Pratt...go figure. Ended up with an MBA (again, go figure). Now, I own a health consulting firm (gfx3) and make art on the side for fun and little profit!


I love that kitty glass case. I don't get voted most likely to do anything, I just wasn't one of the cool kids.


I was voted "Most Likely to Get Caught" in high school, because I caught my senior year - got into it verbally with a teacher on the way to school. I still graduated top of my class! :-P

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